Sales Mastery +

A comprehensive, immersive 2 day programme to truly power-up your business.
Sales Mastery IS the most powerful programme of its kind and will significantly increase your revenues.

Sales Mastery + The Ultimate Sales Programme

Fact: All businesses need to achieve sales, All Businesses need to make Profit.
Selling is the very lifeblood of your business. Sales income pays for the other areas!

Are you and your team optimising every opportunity?
Are you maximising possible deal size and achieving the profits you need?
Or are you possibly not closing as many as you'd like and seeing deal values dip?

This powerful programme will change your results.
The techniques shared here are proven and without doubt will increase your return on efforts.

Transform Your Results - Sales Done Differently!

Stop Setting Yourself Up For Heartache!


Sadly so many businesses and sales people start on the back foot even before they meet with a ‘prospect’.

It is not easy but very very often the magic of  ‘pre-selling’ is missing and thus massively impacts the sales meeting results.

This can be resolved!

You can significantly increase your odds and have a huge improvement in sales performance when this over-looked area of selling is added.

Sales Mastery + there is another way.

Win Those Higher Value Orders And Clients!

Stop Getting Over-Looked For The Bigger Contracts!


Many smaller businesses complain that they cannot win the bigger contracts they see ‘out there’…but this does not always have to be the case. When you learn more about ‘how buyers choose’ then you can win more buyers to choose you.


Sales Mastery + shows you how to adjust and how to help more of them choose you. Think about it…what could just one bigger contract won mean to you?

Sales Mastery + – just one new deal makes it all worth it.

Are You Closing Your Sales Opportunities Or Missing Out On A Lot Of Deals?

Can We Improve Your Closing  Ratios?

Today’s business world is so full!! The availability of technology and labour in this ‘Global Village’ has allowed all players into the arena…which means you have a LOT of competition!

How do you stand out against them?

What makes you different?

Why should I buy your offering?

Closing ratios … knowing the number of deals won against the number of opportunities you engaged with is critical. Marketing is a considerable cost and you simply have to maximise return on those marketing spends.

Sales Mastery will show you how.

Are You Being Squeezed To Sell At Lower Prices And Struggling To Maintain Margin?

Are You Discounting To Get The Deal?


With so many competitors and a price conscious customer many businesses feel under pressure to at least ‘get some work to keep everyone busy’ that they are accepting sales with very little margin in!

Whilst ‘understandable’ this is a recipe for slow death as all other ‘supply chain’ costs to your business are increasing. If you discount you have no ‘margin for error’ and sometimes a ‘bad debt’ can be disaster.

Sales Mastery will help you sell strong and earn a better margin.

Are Customers Really Happy And Showing It By Repeat Purchasing?

Are You Losing Customers But Not Knowing It?

If you sell  ‘consumable goods’ or at least a service that is probably a frequent ‘need’ are you enjoying a flood of repeat customers?

Significant increases can be gained when satisfaction is the order of the day and yet, because most folks do not like to actually complain, you might be losing customers and losing those ‘expected’ repeat purchases with all of the profit margin in!

Sales Mastery will show you how to plug this gap.




If You Are Seriously Wanting To Improve Your Business Results This IS The Solution

  • Win new enquiries and better prospects with your ‘different’ approach
  • Be seen and heard in more places with new pre-selling techniques
  • Capture more new customers as you improve closing rates
  • Add significant revenues as you close bigger deals
  • Increase your profit margin because your selling is ‘stronger’
  • Adjust how you are perceived and win bigger value orders
  • Customer retention grows as your whole selling cycle improves
  • Enjoy what you do a lot more!
  • Add confidence to your future as sales pipelines fill


and so much more.

This really works. You will be concentrating on your business and your sales and personally guided  with hands-on coaching ensuring that you truly go away with the tools that you need.

How many deals do you need to make it worth it? Just one probably!

Take action now and together let us reduce your stress as we increase your sales!

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