Book Ben for Your Sales Team

Whether your sales team comprises of 2 or 200+ there is always a potential for increase.
A spark of energy, a fresh way of looking at things, a tweak of a sentence or two...there are hundreds of ways that I can inject a little something!

What might 20% be worth to you?

Fact: For over 20 years I have been at the ‘cutting edge’ of selling.

I study ‘people’, I am ‘well versed’ in sales tech and I have mastered the art of ‘improvement’.


Throughout my time coaching I have seen that typically business leave 20% or even more ‘on the table’.

In other words, for exactly the same amount of calls or visits or proposals we can squeeze revenue from existing efforts.


Extra money not extra ‘work’!!

If that sounds interesting then give me a call. … and think about how 20% more money would feel?

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