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If Modern Life Is Getting You Down It's Time For A Re-Think

It’s time for more enquiries…

Survival in business means we must make a money. To do that a business must have new enquires and those enquiries need to be converted into profitable sales. Together we CAN and will improve enquiry quantity, enquiry quality, sales conversions and profit margins.

Business really does NOT have to be so hard!!!

When you are set up differently then business almost becomes ‘effortless’. Success can be yours – our process together looks holistically and re-tunes you and your business so that you feel better. When you feel better you produce better ! It’s not ‘difficult’ just ‘different’.

A way to enjoy…

Knowing that your business is almost ‘machine like’ and that it will keep turning and producing means that you will earn more and stress less. Let’s make your business work differently!

Do NOT Be Put Off - Coaching Is NOT A 'Cost' !

Let’s face it a lot of small businesses live in a reality that means there is constant pressure on finances. Every purchase is considered carefully and timing is often critical as ‘cash flow’ doesn’t always flow! Decisions to ‘buy’ wait for monies to come in from outstanding invoices and ‘wishes’ remain just that..


What if you could change that?

What if you could gradually but surely move into a cash-positive state?

What if you could get to a place where you felt more solidity and stability and confidence?


Whilst every coach is different, I promise that my speciality in Sales & Business Growth means one thing only – that I will help you drive your business towards increase. I understand systems. I understand process. I understand strategy and marketing and I am quite conversant with all things ‘web’ … but as a dedicated Sales Professional I absolutely understand what it takes to gain more sales from exiting enquiries, to win greater margin from each sale and to improve sales frequency thus bringing more cash into your business.


Coaching will not be a cost but instead will deliver the ‘breathing space’ that you yearn for.

So what are the steps?

Simply call me!

For small businesses in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, or especially towns such as Farnham, Guildford, Dorking, Woking, Basingstoke or Reading and the Greater London areas. Maybe a manufacturing business needing sales growth or  multiple retail outlet business needing better margins… Southampton or Salisbury, Bournemouth Brighton or Basingstoke give me a call.

If you’re a growing business there are enough challenges ‘out-there’ without adding one by ‘doing it alone’! Every business benefits from learning, sharing, growing – let’s help share that journey.

Increase Sales Conversion

Do you currently convert every single enquiry into a paying customer? If the answer is No then immediately there is ‘money on the table’ that with adjustments we can earn from without working any harder!

Increased Profit Margin

They say “…cash is King” and unless there is ‘margin’ in every sale you quickly go broke! Sadly too often a business is almost doing the work to keep the bills paid and yet in truth not making any money! We will address this and you WILL enjoy greater profits.

Increase Enquiry Quality

Not all enquiries are equal! You know that…so what makes a better one ‘better’? Where do enquiries come from? What has been said to them or seen by them that changes the quality of their enquiry? I assure you there IS a process where you WILL enjoy a quality lead flow.

Improved Systems & Process

Most business owners are stressed! Often stress is caused by constantly making sure that nothing gets ‘missed’! It’s no good relying upon memory and you…creating a smooth information flow in a systemised business means you get to earn more and stress less.

Add Value For Future Exit

Lets be honest here – we are building a business (as opposed to simply doing a job) because we hope that one day it ‘pays off’. In other words we sell for a ‘lump sum’. But that doesn’t happen if it isn’t a business built the right way…so lets build it the right way now!

Raised Happiness & Enjoyment

There are good days and bad days but would you like more ‘good days’? Well, in truth, most ‘bad days’ are a combination of mistakes, cash pressure and mistake scenarios. By following our process of ‘adjustments’ you will eradicate those errors and enjoy everything more.


It was great to attend Ben’s sales training. I loved his approach. Ben is inspiring and left me excited to try his techniques within my business but also hungry to learn more from Ben. It’s a great fresh approach and defiantly the changes needed in this work right now. Highly recommended!

Nicky Kay

I got a great deal from our time yesterday. It was inspiring … to find someone with similar values and outlooks that has actually evolved them into practise….your strengths are in amazing content and delivery…  ThankYou Ben

Jeremy Whitaker

After spending the morning with Ben and listening to him he reminded me of very important practices when selling.  If you are a seasoned veteran in sales or just starting out, Ben’s message will add value to your approach to sales and people.

Ross Bates

Ben has doubled our AOV in just 3 months. He has helped us to introduce other processes that give us much more visibility on what the business is spending, what the business is making and how we can reach our financial goals. At first I was skeptical, but Ben has restructured the way that we sell and who we sell to, to make sure that we’re making more money as a business. Finally, Ben has helped us achieve our record month in January 2022 which is staggering because the business has been going for nearly 8 years. Thank you for everything, Ben!

James Boyes

I went looking for a Business Coach to learn how run my company as I had expanded more than I had first anticipated and found myself at a loss being an IT geek and not a Business Manager. I recieved a phone call from Ben’s company and met with a consultant for a brief chat, from which I signed up to a course with Ben. I have to say that my expectations were exceeded and my horizons broadened more than I can say. 
Ben provides great training and superb 1st Class mentoring. I cannot recommend his services enough. 
All I can say is ThankYou Ben

Terry Charters

Ben has provided myself and other staff members with sales training to build confidence, knowledge and training to be the best sales people we can…. Ben is always very knowledgeable throughout both aspects of working with us, he has a real passion for helping …I would personally recommend him to anyone who is looking to develop their personal skills or their teams skills. He really leaves a lasting impact.

Alex Pike

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